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Jo Buffalo: Elements

Ceramic artist Jo Buffalo on the cover of Ceramic Monthly.
Jo Buffalo attaches hanger lugs to wall forms. Photo: Brantley Carroll, Ceramics Monthly.

Internationally known cermaic artist, Jo Buffalo is the Artist of the Month for September, 2004 at the Connelly Gallery in Binghamton, NY. Ms. Buffalo, who teaches at Cazenovia College, has been a featured artist in museum exhibitions, books on ceramics, and on the cover of Ceramics Monthly magazine (as seen at right). Her work tells stories based on contemporary culture, myth and science, and is in the form of tiles or vessels with painted surfaces.

Herons by Jo Buffalo
Herons by Jo Buffalo

Jo Buffalo's exhibit, Elements, will be at the Connelly Gallery from opening day, Friday, September 3, through Friday, September 17. Ms. Buffalo will participate in an Artist's Reception on opening day, when the festivities will include entertainment by folk singer, Roger Bacorn. The hours on opening day, a part of Binghamton's First Friday Art Walk, will be from 6:00-9:00 p.m. The exhibit and sale will continue through September 17, weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and at other times by appointment (Telephone: 607-722-9593). The exhibit will be closed Monday, September 6 for Labor Day.

Artist's Statement

Internationally known ceramic artist, Jo Buffalo.All artists decide what their job is within the greater community. Some choose to be provocateurs, some choose work with the formal elements within a medium. I have chosen to be a storyteller. My interest in stories (the internal world) and science (the external world) has fueled my artwork for the past 35 years. The pieces explore a narrative related to an event, or myth, or phenomena. The structure of the work is somewhere between two dimensions and three dimensions. The form and the surface make the story. By approaching the subject in an unconventional way, my hope is to interest the viewers into undertaking their own exploration. The work is consistent with life: there are always more questions than answers.

For additional information about the artist, read Jo Buffalo's resume, which is available in PDF format.