Bob & Sallie Connelly:  Absentee and Phone Bid Form
Terms and Instructions

Absentee and Phone Bids must be received by 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) of the day before the auction -- even if it is conducted simultaneously on premises and on the Internet.

About phone bids.  Phone bidders must pre-register by using this form or calling our office (607-722-9593). We will do our best to accommodate phone bidders, but it may happen that you can't be reached by phone during the auction, or that requests for phone bids exceed our capacity. To insure your bid, we recommend you leave an absentee bid as a backup to your phone bid when you pre-register.

Phone and absentee bids are accepted and executed competitively by a member of our staff.  By submitting this form, you agree to allow our firm to bid as your agent for the items listed. A member of our staff will use our best efforts to execute these bids in a competitive manner. In the case of a tie bid with a bidder in attendance at the auction, the bid will go to the bidder in attendance. In the case of a tie bid with another absentee bidder, the bid will go to the earliest bid received. For the purpose of determining precedence, Internet bidders will be considered "in attendance."

Payment and Delivery. A valid credit card with expiration date and verification code is required even if you plan to pay by another method. However, unless otherwise specified, payment for successful bids will be placed on your credit card. We do not keep credit card numbers on file. Successful bidders will be invoiced by email and/or postal mail as soon as possible following the auction. Payment is due within three (3) business days after receiving our invoice. Purchases paid for with other means than cash or assured payment will be held until payment clears. Additional shipping and handling charges will be added.

Conditions.  A Buyer's Premium, specified in the auction brochure, will be added to the hammer price of each item you buy. We do not accept absentee or phone bids of less than $50. We assume no responsibility for failure, errors or omissions in executing your absentee bids. By submitting this form, you agree to all our terms.

All Absentee And Phone Bidders must be pre-registered.
Go to the Form.  Press the button below to agree to the absentee and phone bid conditions and terms and beginning filling out the form.